Marlborough & District Angling Association
Heron Lake
Heron Lake will hold 35+ pegs and is available all year round to full members only, there are a few additional rules that will need to be observed (listed below) to ensure that that we keep and enjoy what we hope will mature into a fine fishery.

Heron Lake
The fishery itself is quite deep with most swims 6 to 10 feet deep, the depth starts right under your feet so beware and fish from the banks only and a further point being that most fish are being caught under the rod tip makes casting unnecessary and wading a waste of time and very dangerous.

To this end the committee and some other volunteers have worked well to clear most of the swims and work will continue to ever improve the fishery including the fish refuge's built because of a cormaront problem which appear to be working well, they also provide additional spawning areas to help replace lost fish stocks quicker.

The lake holds roach, rudd, tench (normal & golden), bream, crusian carp, brown goldfish, perch and gudgeon. the tench and crusians were from the first stocking done when we took the lake over, a further stocking of rudd and golden tench were put in to celebrate the clubs centenary in 2005.

The lake is now perminently pegged with peg 23 the first constructed platform, It's hoped others will follow.

Listed below are some additional rules that apply to the lake

Please take note.

1. Members only, no guests, exchange tickets or £15 ticket members

2. Juniors must be accompanied by an adult

3. No digging of banks

4. Barbless hooks only

5. All nets to be dipped before fishing (when dips installed)

6. No night fishing or radios

7. All litter in your swim is your responsibility please take it home

8. Speed limit 15mph through the farm to be observed

Any violation of these rules and you are liable to suspension

A map for the lake is available on the maps page, all members should have received a news letter about the lake if not please contact me (email above) or Mr. M Ellis (address on foot of home page).